Cost of Tiling a Bathroom

Want to know how much tiling your bathroom will cost? Below you'll find a breakdown of prices for different bathroom tiles, as well as how much a tiler will charge to do the job.


Depending on the complexity of the job, it usually takes: 1-4 days


How Much Does Tiling a Bathroom Cost?

Getting the right look in your bathroom can add value to your home. When buying a house no one wants, to have to redo the bathroom. Whether it is part of a whole bathroom refit or just a refresh of the room, tiling can be big, but a worthwhile job.

The cost of tiling a bathroom varies a lot. The main factors are the area you want tiling, the type of tiles you choose, and who you hire to do the job. The average cost to fully tile a bathroom is between £500 and £800. This includes the cost of the materials (tiles, grout, and adhesive) as well as the cost of labour.

Because there are so many factors that affect the price, you will have a lot of decisions to make. When making your decision remember that the bulk of the cost comes from the labour, as tiling can be a fiddly job to get right.

Bathroom Tiling Prices

There are several factors that will affect the total cost of tiling your bathroom. The first is the area that you choose to tile. The most expensive option is to tile the whole room; tiling the floors and the walls top to bottom. The cheapest option is to just tile above the sink. The next consideration is the material that the tiles are made from. There is a big difference between the cost of vinyl tiles and natural stone tiles. The size and shape of the room will have a large impact on the cost of not only materials but also labour. The more the tiles have to be cut, the more difficult and thus, expensive the job. Here are some example costs with some common job types.

Fully Tile a medium-sized bathroom, walls and floor Ceramic £900 - £2,050
Fully Tile a medium-sized bathroom, walls and floor Granite £2,600 - £3,050
Fully tile the walls of a medium-sized bathroom Ceramic £750 - £1,600
Fully tile the walls of a medium-sized bathroom Granite £2,050 - £2,400
Tile the floor of a medium-sized bathroom Ceramic £150 - £450
Tile the floor of a medium-sized bathroom Granite £550 - £650
Tile around the bath only Ceramic £375 - £800
Tile around the bath only Granite £1,025 - £1,200
Tile the splashback above the sink Ceramic £90 - £350
Tile the splashback above the sink Granite £160 – £190

Supply Only Cost

When you add up the price of your tiles, don’t forget to buy tile for an area of about 10% more than you actually need. You need this extra because some of the tiles will need to be cut down to fit the shape of the room, so there is some wastage. The extra tiles also give you an allowance for breakages.

When looking at the price of tiles, you may see the price quoted in different ways. You will likely see both costs per tile and cost per m2. The cost per tile can be deceptive, so it is best to compare the price per m2.


Some tiles are only suitable for use on either walls or floors. You can get some styles that can be used in either place. In fact, most floor tiles can be used on walls. You should keep this in mind when you are picking out your tiles. There is not a consistent price difference between floor and wall tiles. Where they can be used is often determined by the type of material they are made from. Thus, the material choice is the bigger decider in cost.

To give a comparison of cost based on material alone, the table shows the costs of different types of tile. They are all mid-sized, unpatterned wall tiles. This is the supply cost and not the installation cost.

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